An dro

A line dance from Brittany.

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  1. 1 Le Gall Gérard June 23, 2011 at 4:08 pm

    This tune is called Gweharral ,it was played and recorded by the Kistinidiz (Arfolk.) I was the banjoist of this groupe and I played this tune sometime on the guitar and sometime on the banjo in clawhammer . This tune is a dance tune called Kas ha barh it is an andro daou a daou. In the19 70 I played this tune exactly like your Tab it and after more light because Gildas (the singer) sayed to me to be more melodic . If you want I can give you this second version I played it slowly so if you wish you can Tab it.It was a good surprise to found this tune on internet . Thank you to help the news banjoïsts . Friendly Gérard

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