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Lesson: Getting drive with Liza Jane

Here are some ideas for adding drive, which I’ve arbitrarily defined as “lilt” or “danceability.” The video looks at how to:

  1. Vary the volume of individual notes using right and left hand techniques
  2. Vary the duration of individual notes (anticipating a beat; M-skip)

I use a generic version of Liza Jane in A. Here’s the tab.

And here are some of the tab snippets that go by too quickly in the video.

Emphasizing beats in the high melody:

Muting notes in the low melody:
Notes to partially fret in Liza Jane

Deleting the bum-ditty filler from the end of a phrase:

Adding an M-skip to the slide in the low melody:


Trei Pazeste de la Bistret

A crazy Romanian tune. Listen to the original recording here. Add a more “normal”-sounding 4th part to make this work for a contra.


Devil in the Haystack

I use standard A tuning but the tune has a modal edge to it.

Download MP3 | Tab