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Lesson: Getting drive with Liza Jane

Here are some ideas for adding drive, which I’ve arbitrarily defined as “lilt” or “danceability.” The video looks at how to:

  1. Vary the volume of individual notes using right and left hand techniques
  2. Vary the duration of individual notes (anticipating a beat; M-skip)

I use a generic version of Liza Jane in A.

And here are some of the tab snippets that go by too quickly in the video.

Emphasizing beats in the high melody:

Muting notes in the low melody:
Notes to partially fret in Liza Jane

Deleting the bum-ditty filler from the end of a phrase:

Adding an M-skip to the slide in the low melody:

Trei Pazeste de la Bistret

A crazy Romanian tune. Listen to the original recording here. Add a more “normal”-sounding 4th part to make this work for a contra.


Devil in the Haystack

I use standard A tuning but the tune has a modal edge to it.

Download MP3 | Tab

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