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Banjoree review MP3s

Thanks to all the brave banjoists who attended my “progressive rhythms” workshop at the Banjoree last week! Your dedication was inspiring, and you picked up bizarre rhythms with impressive speed.

In case any of those rhythms are sneaking out of your memory, here are some MP3s that will help you remember them.

If you weren’t at the workshop, these files could still be useful in helping you stretch your rhythmic skills. We learned Betsy Likens, a simple A modal tune, and put it in increasingly odd rhythms. Along the way, we looked at how alternate-string pulloffs and M-skips can help us fill out or syncopate rhythmic patterns, and we saw that we could create any rhythm by combining 2s and 3s. Continue reading ‘Banjoree review MP3s’


Experimenting with rhythm, Arabic style

Here’s another installment in my ongoing quest to explore the lands beyond bum-ditty. I play an old-time tune on top of a sort of funky Arabic pattern to show how playing over a different rhythm can warp you. My playing is messy but you’ll get the idea.

This video is also the debut of my overhauled Stewart. It now has a sturdily re-glued neck, Elite amber head, tall minstrel style bridge by Bill Morris, and Nylgut strings. I’m getting a lot more pop out of the banjo than I did with the thick Fiberskyn head and heavier bridge, and the Nylguts invite me to mess around with rhythm more than the steel strings did.

And here’s a happy “Thank you!” to Joel Lensch of the Fatted Calf String Band for helping me reglue the neck and to Bill Banker of Bloomington’s Monday Night Music for giving me my first set of Nylgut strings and telling me about the Elite amber head. I love my new-old banjo.

Betsy Likens in 7/8

A traditional old-time tune that I learned from Miles Krassen’s tab, but I play it here in 7/8. This version of 7 is counted 3+2+2 or “slow-and-a quick quick.” Played on my Gold Tone cello banjo.

You can find the original tab in Miles Krassen’s book Clawhammer Banjo.

Moth Hunter

An original tune by Fred Pribac of Tasmania, and one of my favorite tunes to play. Played on my Gold Tone cello banjo in aEADE.

To learn more about Fred and hear him play several of his tunes, stop by his home page on the Banjo Hangout:


A stompy Bulgarian dance that isn’t widely performed, but it’s a fun tune. Modified, it works great for contra dancing.

Download MP3

Elzic’s Farewell to Bulgaria

An old-time tune done in Bulgarian 11/8. I added some traditional gankino riffs.

Download MP3


A Swedish wedding waltz with a dark sound.