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Betsy Likens in 7/8

A traditional old-time tune that I learned from Miles Krassen’s tab, but I play it here in 7/8. This version of 7 is counted 3+2+2 or “slow-and-a quick quick.” Played on my Gold Tone cello banjo.

You can find the original tab in Miles Krassen’s book Clawhammer Banjo.

Moth Hunter

An original tune by Fred Pribac of Tasmania, and one of my favorite tunes to play. Played on my Gold Tone cello banjo in aEADE.

To learn more about Fred and hear him play several of his tunes, stop by his home page on the Banjo Hangout:

Jump at the Sun

At the beginning of this video, you’ll hear a fun, loping jig by melodeon player John Kirkpatrick of Shropshire, England.

Although it sounds like it has a “weird” scale, it plays fine out of double D.

Like this tune? There are lots more at John’s online store.

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