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Jump at the Sun

At the beginning of this video, you’ll hear a fun, loping jig by melodeon player John Kirkpatrick of Shropshire, England.

Although it sounds like it has a “weird” scale, it plays fine out of double D.

Like this tune? There are lots more at John’s online store.

Old Wife of Coverdale

Traditional English tune in 6/8 and 9/8; from Blowzabella.



The quintessential Neapolitan tarantella. Best used as the second tune in a 6/8 medley, because dancers could confuse the up & down beats in the A part. The usual pattern is ABAC. Pronounced “chee-che-re-NEL-la,” more or less.



A Romanian dance tune that I’ve seen transcribed in 12/8, but it works like 6/8 for a contra. Best for dances that have balances in the B melody.


Cliffs of Moher

An Irish jig, played plainly here so it’s easier to learn.

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