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Lesson: Tam Lin and D minor

I dusted off the video camera to do a lesson on Tam Lin, or really a lesson about the A part of Tam Lin and how knowing the chord shapes makes a complex-sounding tune easier to play.

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Julia Delaney + Needlecase

Julia Delaney is an Irish tune; Needlecase is an American old-time standard. Some day I’ll record a version that isn’t quite so…caffeinated.

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Star of Munster

There are probably lots of banjo versions out there. Here’s another.

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Cooley’s Reel

Another Irish standard with notes removed, and played simply here so it’s easier to learn.

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Congress Reel

An Irish session standard with notes removed so you can play it at contra dance tempo.

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Cliffs of Moher

An Irish jig, played plainly here so it’s easier to learn.

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