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Moth Hunter

An original tune by Fred Pribac of Tasmania, and one of my favorite tunes to play. Played on my Gold Tone cello banjo in aEADE.

To learn more about Fred and hear him play several of his tunes, stop by his home page on the Banjo Hangout:

D by ear: Two lessons

Here’s part of my quest to get more people to learn tunes by ear.

Chords will help you find the melody
First, here are the three chords you need for most old-time tunes in D, shown with two positions each. When you know these chords, you can quickly find the melody notes for just about any D tune you’re likely to hear at a jam.

Use the chord shapes to learn a new tune
Once you know the chord positions, use them to learn “Toads in the Woodpile,” an original yet reassuringly formulaic D tune.

September March

An original tune in gDGDE.

Download MP3

Elzic’s Farewell to Bulgaria

An old-time tune done in Bulgarian 11/8. I added some traditional gankino riffs.

Download MP3

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